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Maintenance Kits — For Tube Cleaning Machines

Repair / Service Kits
RS - 100For GI Industries TCM-1000 includes: Seals, bearing, V-belt, shaft pulley, O-ring, inlet.
RS - 110For GI Industries TCM-1000H includes: (same as above, but for TCM- 1000H)
RS - 500For GI Industries TCM-100/500 includes: (same as above, but for TCM-100/500)


For Other Brands / Manufacturers

RS - 023

Model 3 or 4 includes:
V-belt, shaft pulley, O-ring, inlet screen, internal shaft seal, manifold bearing, internal manifold clamp, manifold tool and punches
RS - 050(same as above, but for model 5)
RS - 010(same as above, but for model 100)

In-house Service/Tune-ups(tube cleaning machines)

SR- 200 Complete Tune-up. Diagnostics of machine. Replace V-belt, O-ring, internal shaft seal, manifold bearing, inlet screen, and new pulley. Align motor and pulley, lubricate components, polish drive shaft, hone and clean manifold, check and inspect electrical system, and grease bearings (where applicable).

Other Common Parts

TCM-001Drive Bearing
TCM-002Bearing Seal
TCM-012Stainless Steel Drive Shaft
TCM-007Heavy Duty Water Solenoid
TCM-013Flange Bearing
TCM-031Air Switch
TCM-004Manifold Water

GI Industries can provide parts and service on your existing equipment tube cleaning machines.

Our machining center offers custom machining and parts.

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